Top Three Tips for the Newbie Online Slot Players

The online slot games have continuously evolved, for this reason, each day more and more new players are trying the action. The game development of online slot games has already surpassed the land-based casino games and they offer huge fast-building jackpots where the bankrolls of online slot players are bigger than before. The transition from playing at the casino floor to online casinos may seem simple; a lot of people think that it is just a matter of logging in and then play. However, there are several things that newbie online slot players must know. There are more things to do so that you can outsmart the online slot games, it is not just about loading a game but there are essential things that must be practiced to be in the best position. This article will help every newbie with these top three tips:

  1. Bonuses – In terms of bonuses, there is a big difference from what you can get online compared to land-based casinos. The bonuses involved in land-based casinos come through player points. You can collect them while playing at the same time; they offer other freebies such as food, drinks or entertainment. For real money players who are playing online slots, they collect bonuses not just for the money they play but include generous deposit bonuses by the time they buy credits. When you reload, you can also expect special event bonuses, this is the reason why new players must research on the options available prior to purchasing in online casinos like the Book of Ra tricks.
  2. The player can play for free prior to playing for real. One of the best things when you are a newbie to online slot games is that you can enjoy the opportunity of playing free games before taking out your own money for credits. Most of the credible online casinos are offering a wide variety of no download slot games; all of them can be played online and gives every player an opportunity of knowing the game. By the time the new player finds a couple of games to play, then, this is the best time to start playing for real money. Today, gone are the days when a player needs to drop cash in order to play his favorite slot game. If you are a newbie, invest in games that you like most.
  3. When playing online, consider the Ergonomics. Every slot game player who decides to play online must also include the ergonomics of online gaming. This means that every new player must realize that online slot gaming is often practiced at home, in the most comfortable position. In effect, you can be playing in long sessions which can affect the body. For this, new players must avoid marathon sessions; instead, they must take breaks to avoid straining their eyes, wrists and fingers.

If you are a newbie to online slot gaming, consider these most essential tips to enjoy at the same time, know your limits.

PayPal Back in the Online Gambling Scene

PayPal, an online payment processing company, has re-joined the American online gambling scene with partnerships in several online gambling sites.

It’s been more than a decade since PayPal pledge its support for the US online gaming industry; however, after 2 months from their split with eBay, they have begun appearing as an accepted mode of payment on various US gambling sites, including and Since PayPal stopped processing transactions for online gambling in America, they were still involved in these transactions in Europe.

When it merged with eBay last 2003, PayPal bid goodbye to the online gambling sector as it viewed as a financial risk. According to the financial analyst of SSR, Howard Mason, online gambling has ranked 2nd to adult entertainment that has been targeted by various fraudsters. Since 2003, PayPal has greatly invested in the management of fraud risk.

Bitcoin and PayPal

When PayPal exited the online gambling industry in the US, bitcoin has been the popular payment method in online gambling. Aside from that, this also paved the way for startups that thrive with the gambling industry.

PayPal removed their services when they were questioned by several regulatory agencies; however now that they are able to focus more on the payments industry, they are able to obtain the necessary licenses and documents to facilitate such transactions. But, people who want their transactions to remain anonymous still prefer bitcoin as their payment method.


PayPal in the Online Gambling Industry

PayPal has been known to the US online gambling industry before it has banned itself; however, the increasing number of risks and regulators who questioned the company’s legality has led to a 12-year hiatus.

The UIGEA didn’t allow banks, credit card companies, as well as payment companies — such as PayPal — to transfer funds from online casinos to gamblers, and vice versa.

According to PayPal’s spokesperson, the integration of the company’s services with gambling sites are only limited; they are only affiliated with 4 operators which include Caesars Entertainment. They still prohibit financial transactions for gambling except for approved merchants in places where gambling is legalized. Note that among the US states that approved the legalization of online gambling are Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada.

Why PayPal didn’t Broke the News?

Several insiders said that PayPal has been working on this big move for over a year now, although they haven’t gone out of their way to release the news of their return to the online gambling industry. It is actually said that the reason why they are relatively silent about it because of the negative reputation of online gambling; maybe they fear that it may tarnish their reputation in states where gambling is illegal.

Gambling in the United States

Gambling is actually a huge business in the US; in total, the revenue of casinos nationwide is approximately more than $70 billion a year. Thus, if more states legalize online gambling, PayPal may find it a good source of profits which may be valued at $5.2 billion by the year 2020, says Morgan Stanley.

Guide on How to Win in Gambling

Las Vegas is a place filled with thousands of entertainment for visitors but the major reason the city exists is because of gambling. Although big profits have been generated from restaurants, rooms, nightclubs, bars, shopping and shows, gambling still holds the largest revenue producer for every resort in Las Vegas. If you happen to visit the city, you would really want to try gambling as it is an integral part of the experience. Also, gambling is a legal entertainment option but it will cost you more money.

Gambling is not just pure luck, it is mathematically based. This is a complicated matter but in the point of view of entertainment as its primary goal, it is fun. Winning is definitely fun when you are gambling, sometimes it happens or often it does not. This is the reason why there are companies built to deal with the technicalities of gambling especially in the online world like the Price per Head. Companies like this one will take charge of everything on behalf of their clients. So, if you are unfamiliar with every aspect of gambling but you want to win more, you can hire them.

Price per Head

To give some guide on how to spend at a minimum cost yet enjoy fully the gambling entertainment, consider the following:

  • Return on game. This is determined by the edge or the house advantage. If the edge is lower, the lesser the casino chips in every bet. On the other hand, if the casino is taking less for each player, then your money will last longer.
  • Size of wager. This is the amount of a player’s average bet and its importance is easy to identify. If you will bet at the same amount and your available money is $100, figure it out on how to extend your money. For example, you can bet $5 per hand instead of $25 per hand.
  • Speed of play. This is the most important tip when playing in a casino and definitely the most dynamic among the three considerations. Speed of play can be done through your control, this means that if you play slow, you will likely lose more. The trick in gambling is speed.

One thing is for sure, any type of machine is not the answer to longevity. Slots are very popular because they have low minimums and they are easy to play while video poker games with good paying schedules have a very low house advantage. However, both machines play fast.

Follow these tips when you are planning to go to Vegas and try their gambling entertainment.

Parhaat rahapelit netissä

Netissä pelaaminen on kasvattanut suosiotaan viime vuosina. Netissä on tarjolla laajat valikoimat kasinoita, joihin liittyminen onnistuu helposti. Netissä toimivat rahapelit tarjoavatkin virkistävän tavan saada aitoa kasinotunnelmaa vaikkapa kotisohvalle.

Mr. Green kasinoilla tarjolla on yli 200 erilaista peliä, joihin lukeutuvat black jackit, ruletit, moninaiset kolikkopelit, raaputusarvat sekä videopokerit. Jos jokin askarruttaa mieltäsi kasino tarjoaa suomenkielistä apua kello 8.00 – 1.00 välillä.

Hyvän kasinon tunnet myös siitä, että se antaa sinun asettaa pelirajoja vahtimaan rahankäyttöäsi. Mr. Greenillä se onnistuu helposti ja voit asettaa henkilökohtaisia viikottaisia rajoituksia sijoittamillesi pelimerkeille. Pienten riskien ottaminen on hauskaa, pidä huolta kuluttamisestasi, äläkä anna sen kääntyä ongelmaksi.

Rekisteröityminen useimpiin nettikasinoihin on täysin ilmaista ja monet tarjoavat myös uusille pelaajilleen rahanarvoisia bonuksia. Niin myös Mr. Green, jolle rekisteröitymällä ensitalletuksesi tuplataan aina 350 euroon asti.

Aloita siis jännä kasinoseikkailu ja tuo kasinotunnelma kotiisi jo tänään!

Gambling in Las Vegas Losing Its Appeal?

Gambling has been a mainstay in Las Vegas for a long time but recently, reports said that it is slowly losing its appeal to the public compared to other entertainment activities in the Sin City. In the last survey conducted, visitors noticed that the people flooding the area to gamble are getting fewer at the same time, first-time visitors would like to travel more in the city not to gamble but for conventions, weddings or to visit family and friends. The decline of visitors is due to the increase of hotel rates and guest fees in the last two years.

In 2014, there were 41 million visitors. The figure has actually increased from 2013 which was 39.7 million; the figures came from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau. This may shock every reader why Las Vegas is losing its appeal when in fact; more and more visitors are coming. The main reason is that rates of hotel occupancy and tax revenue increased, as a result, gaming revenue decreased in 2014 in the amount of $9.5 billion from 2013’s $9.7 billion. Also, one of the contributing factors for the decline is the increasing influence of online casinos, offering games which cannot be experienced in real life casinos. These online casinos are also offering all-time favorite games like online roulette. The difference is that they give more bonuses, exciting freebies and the player can enjoy playing without leaving home.

online roulette

Gaming experts have already noted the declining trend of Las Vegas. Most of the visitors are not spending their money on gambling; instead, they go to magic shows, musical acts and comedy performances. In addition, in the most recent survey conducted by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau, gambling as the primary purpose of going to the city has dropped in 2013 by 15% and 12% last year. On the lighter note, first-time visitors increased in 2013 and 2014 by 15% and 19% respectively. However, only 4% said that their primary reason was to gamble and only 14% of those repeat visitors.

It is very evident that there is a very huge discrepancy from the visitors going to Las Vegas for gambling than to take a tour, attend a wedding or convention or to visit family and relatives. The tourism officials of Las Vegas said that the trend shows an evolution of the hot spot for gambling.

According to Heidi Hayes, the Sin City has been known to evolve to make sure that they can cater something for everyone. She added that it will continue to evolve so that they can deliver the city’s brand promise which is to provide a great experience.

Taxes on Gambling Income and Losses

Whether you like to gamble on horses, or play online dice games, or pull the slots, the money you won from gambling is actually taxable. Your gambling income must be reported on your income tax return. If you’re an occasional gambler, then your chances are good with these basic tax tips that can help you this year.

Income from Gambling

The income you get from gambling basically includes the money you earn from winning lotteries, horse betting, and casinos as well. This also includes the cash prizes and the market value of the non-cash prizes such as trips and cars.

Tax Forms for Payers

If you win from gambling, you should submit the W-2G form; note that the IRS will need a copy of this form as well. The payer will be issuing this form in accordance to the type of game they’ve played and the amount or value of the prize and other factors as well.

Reporting the Amount and Value of the Prize

Whatever prize or value you have won from gambling should be reported as part of your income. This holds true even though you haven’t received a W-2G form. According to the law, all your winnings for the entire years should always be reflected on your tax return, under the “other income” category.

Reporting the Losses for Deduction

It is important to note that not only will you report your winnings to the IRS; you should also report your losses as well. Losses should be reflected on the Schedule A portion of the form. The total amount that you should deduct will largely depend on the amount reflected on your gambling income report of your income tax returns.

Always Keep Gambling Receipts

It is very important that you should keep track and monitor all your wins and losses. This would include receipts, gambling logs, statements, as well as tickets.

Venue Ready for Cheltenham Festival

The Grade Two BetBright Cup Chase of the Cheltenham Festival is set to be staged at the Cotswolds venue. The event will feature Many Clouds, Hennessy winner, among others; this opportunity highlights the card for the prep run at the Prestbury Park before the major meeting in March, reports

Cheltenham Tips

Simon Claisse, the clerk of the course, has decided over the weekend to put a cover on the entire track to serve as a protection against the cold snap happening recently. The action is said to be paying forward with the fact that it remains “race”-able despite the falling temperatures.

Claisse predicts Cheltenham tips of a few more cold nights before the weather begins to warm up towards the weekend.

According to Claisse, “The outlook is for frost for the next 3 nights, dropping to minus 5 degrees Celsius on Friday morning. The forecast is then for the weather to improve, with a minus 2 degrees Celsius on Saturday morning rising to 5 degrees Celsius or 6 degrees Celsius later in the day. All the time the non-covered ground has been frozen the ground under the covers has been fine so they are doing the job for us. We have no rain of any significance forecast before Saturday, either”.

Martin Keighley, on the other hand, has kept the Grade Three Trophy Chase on the card as a perfect opportunity to set Annacotty right back on its winning track.

The 7-year old horse had won the Grade One Feltham Chase the previous term; however, it hasn’t won gold in four of its succeeding race, recently joined the Hennessy last November at Newbury.

Annacotty cuts back in trip from the 3 and a quarter miles to 2 miles & 5 furlongs. Keighley hopes to regain his winning track.

“Annacotty will go to Cheltenham o Saturday,” he said. “I have been delighted with him since the Hennessy. A couple of my horses were not right at that time of the season, but he has bounced back and seems in fantastic form”.

Gambling Addiction Statistics

Gambling addiction is an alarming problem most especially that there is a widespread popularity of gambling online and the problems associated with gambling forms different dysfunctional behaviors if untreated correctly. The good news is that there are many gambling addiction treatments available to help affected people. Today, the number of gambling addicts is alarming and has affected so many people and families.

Gambling addiction causes disruptions in life’s major areas such as physical, psychological, vocational or social. It includes the condition of compulsive or pathological gambling, it is a progressive addiction of gambling characterized by increasing preoccupation of gambling. There is a need for the person to bet more money often, irritability, restlessness when he is attempted to stop, always chasing losses and loss of self-control by continuing the gambling behavior despite serious negative consequences.

In the US, the figures are very alarming. About 2.5 million adults are considered pathological gamblers while 3 million are considered problem gamblers. Also, about 15 million adults are at risk of problem gambling and 148 million belong to low-risk gamblers. The growing number of gamblers includes those who are addicted to online betting. One of the betting online companies focusing the US bettors is Topbet. According to the review of Topbet sportsbook, they have a wide array of promotions including free bets and a slick mobile interface. They have been serving the online gamblers since 2011 and their payouts include one free payout every month but only have check payouts. This means that the rate is lower.

review of topbet sportsbook

With so many online gambling sites emerging, this could only mean that there will be more and more people enticed to them and could lead to more online gamblers and addicts if they do not practice self-control. Compulsive gambling can devastate the person and his family. In the US, about 80% of adults reported to have gambled and more than $500 billion were spent annually as wagers. The statistics showed that each year, 2.9% of American adults became problem or pathological gamblers and most of the problem drinkers have become addicted to gambling as well. The addiction is more among Caucasian Americans compared to Hispanic Americans and African Americans.

Compulsive gambling is not the problem of an addict but his solution for several serious underlying problems, it is associated with some mental problems such as depression, mood disorders and anti-social personality disorder. Also, most of the compulsive gambling problems have alcohol or drug problems too. Today, there are research studies conducted to understand the actual causes of gambling addiction or compulsive gambling.

Online Casino Games for Free – Hobbies

Jackpot Jungle is online casino games providing site. The site offers a wide range of exciting games to the users. The games are easy to play and can be played anywhere the player is, as the game is there on his phone.

Jackpot Jungle operates by a software called cutting-edge, this software is a gaming software, and enhances the display of the game, by creating fantastic graphics and artistic animation, this sort of feature seems to make the background real, and the player feels as if he is sitting in a real casino.

Online Casino Games for Free - Hobbies

Jackpot Jungle offers online casino games that include games like poker, blackjack, casino slot, baccarat, roulette and many more games. These mentioned games are some of classic games that are enjoyed by all the players who love gambling games.

Jackpot Jungle welcomes players all around the world and join the site to play. The site offers players to play with both real money and fake money, but restricts players below 18 years of age from playing with real money.

There are many kinds of games with different formats. Say for example some games allow gamble and play on the website itself. There are other online casinos that need particular software to be downloaded which links with website and keep an account of your losses, wins and credits.

There are several free online games to choose from. Say for example you can play casino slots. Online slots are pretty much similar to ‘casino slots’, the main difference lies in the manner you are playing the game. Here in online slot you are entering in digit format, the coin you drop in and in place of pulling down a lever all you do is press a button to make reels roll.

Safe fun and convenient

Online Casino Games for Free - Hobbies

Jackpot Jungle aims to give the players the most exciting and fun experience while playing online casino games. The site gives a safe and a comfortable environment in order to preserve and safeguard the financial privacy of the player. Another very important feature is that it provides a friendly customer service as per the requirements of the player around the clock.

Online Casino Games for Free - Hobbies

This is a sort of remote gambling which is done with a wireless device like a mobile device or a tablet. The site provides a secure and safe mobile casino to play at. The best part about the site is that you can play any time 24*7, and you can be anywhere you want, which ever place is convenient for you.

Poker Championship – How To Get The Best Results

Poker is actually among the games which can end up being played by lots of people nowadays. Frequently, poker is to be achieved by those elite people inside the society through those people that try to find enjoyment. Like every some other sport, poker will come also into various levels, and you need to gain the 1st sport up to the past 1 for you to continually be among the folks in the poker championship game. In having a casino game, you are typical within competing to get a unitary reason and that’s to achieve, as a result, as you get into the poker championship stage, then its the simple approach of saying that you are in fact good in the game of poker.

Poker Championship - How To Get The Best Results

Although you are looking for instantaneous money, you can take pleasure in poker and make it as one of your choices to make some money. These days, you can find previously lots of those who have significantly obtained their money just from enjoying poker. Just almost all you must do may be becoming a great player with regard to you to gain many different phases within the claimed game. In appreciating poker championship, it is quite definitely essential that you are likely to be going to study the moves of one’s opponent simply because in this way, chances are you have the concept for you your self to make the best moves as nicely. There are always a lot of movements that you may want to understand to ensure that you play with poker appropriately, and when you know all of these things, then you may have the possibility of winning the game through the whole poker championship.

Poker Championship - How To Get The Best Results

As with players, it is important as well that you have a tendency to be going to examine and use these various wagering patterns to ensure that maybe you tend to be fully armed if you are generally into your have difficulty in the poker championship online game. These wagering styles can help you in dealing with the opponent successfully by means of the start and up to the end of your own activity. As you study and also play poker at the same time, it’s important that you are occasionally planning to bring about your memory, in the experience that you may well come across a technique to remember the majority of of the practices which can be essential for you inside playing the poker championship.

It’s most likely you have the possibility to get the entire game and earn the pot money if you can utilize most of the strategies and styles efficiently with poker championship. Creating a chat alternative while playing poker online assists interact in between players that produce the poker experience fun and enjoyable. Although plenty of people are unsuccessful to produce these thing from on-line poker, you may find others who let it be the best making a few million dollars on an annual basis.About the Author

While you are looking for instant money, you can enjoy poker and make it as one of your choices to make some money, Check out more about poker championship. Click here to know more about poker championship.

Poker Championship - How To Get The Best Results